Paula Selby first developed an interest in photography shortly after becoming a certified scuba diver in 1969. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, she became fascinated with the underwater world after snorkeling on a coral reef for the first time during a family vacation to Jamaica. At age 16, she began teaching diving and became certified as a diving instructor in 1973. In 1974, her family, who enjoyed traveling to various regions of the Caribbean, opened up a dive store in Columbus - undoubtedly so her father, who financed diving equipment for a family of six, could purchase equipment at wholesale prices. Paula later learned underwater photography from her father, an avid nature photographer, and Paul Tzimoulis, who was then publisher/editor of Skin Diver magazine. Her love of underwater photography expanded to topside photography as she continued to travel around the world to both land-based as well as the world’s top diving destinations.
Paula worked as a diving instructor, dive master, and resort manager in Ohio, Florida Keys, Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands for 18 years before settling in San Diego, CA. She currently works in healthcare administration, and continues to travel around the world photographing both above and below the water. She enjoys arranging group travel for friends, and joins long-time friend, Stephen Frink, on underwater photography expeditions arranged through his tour company, Waterhouse Photo Tours. Paula is also a talented graphic artist, and designs t-shirts, business cards, posters, and signage for friends and the non-profit organizations she volunteers for. Photography is primarily a serious hobby for Paula in the immediate term, but she plans to eventually develop her interest into a full-time “retirement” career.